Service Overview

"Another Learning" is not just another slogan, it means Redefining Golf coaching.

On your first visit we will take our time specially for you.

We have a formula for success, checking on your momentary golfing situation and your goals, then we evealute how we will achieve them.


In the first lesson will go through a swing and body assesment. For the swing mechanics we will use our Trackman Pro Golf Launch Monitor to show you where we need main improvement.


This is all coming with out any upcharges to your normal lesson fee! So, as you can see, it is “Another Learning” and not just another slogan.

We are looking forward to meet you at TPR Golf Academy and together let's shave off those shots on your scorecard. See you there!

Tyrone Renggli​
Head of Instruction & CEO TPR Golf Academy

Performance Golf Lessons

Steepen your learning curve by incorporating cutting edge technology like the Trackman. 

Private Golf Lessons

You like it old school? No video, no Trackman , no fancy gizmos etc. No problem we at TPR Golf academy have you covered.

Golf Lessons on the Course

Playing lessons at Siam Country Club ( all  courses).

Golf Lessons Packages

Bundle and customize your lessons.

Junior Golf

Lessons for your future golf stars



Siam Golf Club Waterside Driving Range

PONG / Pattaya

Banglamung, Chonburi

Pat:        + 66 88 007 01 56​

Tyrone: + 66 86 506 08 83

Phil:       + 66 93 317 53 93

Jamie:    +66 94 654 70 55

Phone Contact


Office (Engl./Thai)                                     ​

Head coach (Engl./Thai/Germ.)              



Please contact us in case of any questions

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