How do i book online?

Simply press on the orange square button on our website. It will then guide your through your booking step by step.

  1. How can I see if my booking is confirmed?

  • For each successful booking you will receive a confirmation email in your supplied personal email. (please also check your spam folder)

  1. Help! I completed my booking yet I did not receive an email confirmation BUT the time I choose is gone in the booking system?

  • Please close our website and start it up a new. Then go through your booking again. Internet seems to have hung up on you and now the slot should be available to you again.

  1. I am not a good player how do I know if all this technology is helpful for my level?

  • Our technology is designed to visualize your areas of improvement very clearly and simplifies your learning experience & process.

  1. My child wants to play golf, yet I am not sure at what age we should start?

  • In our experience we have found that 6 – 7 years old is a good age to start yet there are exceptions to the rule. The best judges are you as parents. Is your child able to listen to instructions given and follows accordingly?

  1. I am a beginner and not sure if I should get my clubs fitted for me?

  • You most definitely should get fitted. You first set is customized to your body and needs, will last for a long time and helps you to play better golf.

  1. I feel I am very un-flexible. Would you recommend on improving my flexibility?

  • To be nimble is always a good thing, not just in golf. We specialize on Golf fitness and can test you on where your weak areas in the body are and give you an exact program to follow. We are TPI certified. (Titleist Performance Institute)

  1. I am older and have never played golf, yet I am intrigued to try. Yes or no? Is it too late?

  • To us there is no age limit start, as long as you feel your body is functional to a certain degree and you can move rather freely then let’s do it!

  1. I am new to golf how long will it take me to be able to play on the course?

  • To be honest it depends on the individual. Some learn faster then others. Usually any where in between 10 – 20 lessons you can go out there and play to your hearts content.

How important is regular tuition and what is the recommended ratio?

  • It is key for any level of player to have regular lessons and a proper lesson schedule. This way it is easy to ensure you don’t slip into any bad habits and continuously improve. The amount of lessons depends simply on skill level. The people that take the most golf tuition are the best players in the world, so it won’t hurt you.