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2018-11-15                                    Leigh Forbes-Evans

If you and hesitant to have a lesson like I have been for the past 10 years, thinking you could ‘fix it yourself’ by watching YouTube videos, then trust me it doesn’t work like that. I’m a 1 handicapper than had been inconsistent and somehow getting away with a bad short game for a long time. Well a 1hr lesson with Phil Chilton sorted that. My swing is now smoother and longer than ever, and the 5 min chipping lesson at the end has made me feel what a proper chip shot is meant to look like again. Could not recommend a better pro to get a lesson from. Will be back next time I’m over. Cheers Leigh Forbes-Ewan


2018-08-12 12:21:14                    David Spivey

FantasticImmediately focused on key problem areas without being confusing/overly technical. A few small changes are fixing many other (bigger) things in the process, and it's FUN! The most fun and painless lessons I've ever had, and most progress in a short time. Technology and value are very good too.5


2018-08-01 16:48:25                  Jorn Finnerup

Fantastic Lessons at TPR Golf Academy.

Ladies and gentlemen, be careful. This is addictive because it works. Forget about buying new equipment. Take lessons with TPR and your game will improve, and you will enjoy a round of golf even more. You have been warned.



2018-07-13 16:47:48                 John Cooper

That's my 5 lessons completed. Not overloaded with technicalities. A couple of swing changes, a couple of stance changes and a grip change. Just got to build these into my game. Already seen an improvement in my ball striking. A bit longer with my irons and accuracy much better. Was well worth the lessons and made easy to understand from Tyrone and Phillip. I will work on these minor changes then return for more. Hope to be back to single figure handicap before the end of the year. Thanks very much to all the TPR team.



42018-07-12 17:15:17                 Per Lövgren


First golf lesson in 4 years best range I have been to in the Pattaya area.

Had a lesson with video and Trackman, and boy do I have some work to do! Professional place and staff. I will go back there again for sure.5




52018-07-06 08:35:23                  Lamai Wright

Awesome AcademyFive star facility with excellent teachers and service. Highly recommend.




2018-06-07 19:21:05            John Cooper

The lesson was excellent. It was pointed out visually where I was in my swing

and what I needed to do to correct my faults. Given a practice drill to work on until my next lesson. Everything was explained in terms that were easy to understand.




11.May 2018                           Fred Repko

First visit but not the last. Very impressive.





04.May 2018                           Dave Stockman

Thank you

After 5 swings. Corrected one part off my back swing. That has corrected 2 other issues with my swing. Great lesson. Will return in another month to review and move to next step. Thank you Tyrone.


25. April 2018                          Amarjit Banwaitt - Raji

Great teaching technology, really effective use of Trackman and good training content and teaching knowledge promoting modern swing path with use of big muscles being employed for more effective golf swing. Thoroughly recommend it esp for more advanced players who need to fine tune


15. April 2018

Bookings and lessons         Paul Kidder

Booking system is perfect and this is a great organized way to proceed. The infrastructure is great and it is a pleasure to learn there. I really feel improvement in my faulty parts of the game every time I go to take a lesson with Tyrone


13. April 2018

Paul Kidder

As a relative beginner to golf as a +60 year old who has read and studied what we are supposed to do to play well... Golf pro Tyrone in 5 lessons has really shown me fine details in setup, arm mechanics and body mechanics and given me useful practice exercise details to continue my swing development and consistency. Tyrone is patient and thoughtful in his instruction.


Marcus Earp

Rating Tyrone well above excellent

Great job of assisting me with posture and swing through the golf ball. Enjoying the lessons.



Marcus Earp

Lesson at TPRGA

Lesson was clear and too the point. I am registering for another session. 10 out of 10 lesson.



 Ken John Hole

 Excellent Trackman equipment and teaching. BUT admin/appointments needs upgrading!!

REMARK: TPRGA The upgrade in the booking system is done



  • Hallo Tyrone, nach deinen paar Erklärungen habe ich plötzlich die Bunker wesentlich besser rausgespielt und das kurze Spiel aufs Green ging ohne Chipper mit Sand, A und Pitching erstaunlich gut. Letzte Runde mit 91 Schlägen im Clubhouse!. Beginnt mir wieder Freude zu machen. Ich komme am 4. März 18 nochmals nach Pattaya und bleibe bis am 19. März. In dieser Zeit möchte ich mein kurzes Spiel und die Bunker und ev. Putting weiter verbessern. Ich rufe Dich an, sobald ich in Pattaya bin und denke, dass ich dann gleich ein 10er Abo nehmen werde. Ist das ok für Dich. Bist Du in dieser Zeit available? Freundliche Grüsse Stefan


17.11.2017 15.38

Ralpf Georg Duenfort


My golf heas improved a lot since I started my lessons from Tyrone. So very happy with TPR Golf Academy. Thumbs up!!

16.01.2017 16:40

Menno Heerema

looking for a good golfteacher?

Tyrone is a nice man with excellent communication skills. He always tries to teach you what you should do different to improve. and he does it in a positive way. Strongly recommanded.


22.12.2016 18:58

Bernadette Schoeni

Always Chose the Best

From week to week I continue to benefit enormously with the lessons at Tyrone Renggli. Conclusion: Tyrone is simply very sympathetic and extremely professional. Those who book lessons can only profit and win.


26.01.2017 14:09

Lonnie McAlister

TPR Golf Lessons

The instruction was terrific... really improved my golf swing. Taught me the dynamics of the swing and how to interpret the results. As a result my fairway irons have increased in both elevation and distance. Really improved my game. I look forward to additional lessons in the future to improve my approach as well as my drives. Thanks!



Peter Balon



Time was worthwhile and very good analisis and encouragment



07.09.2016 09:17

Steven Loo

Simply Excellent

Thanks Tyrone! Just need few mins to show me the simple drills to fix my struggling swing problems ! Aimpoint putting skills is amazing !! Must learn !!


30.04.2016 20:25

Bernadette Schöni

The Best Golf Academy

I appreciate how Tyrone knows how to teach with its open nature also say what he does not like, I have to change in order to make progress. I have to admit that he has met exactly my right nerve! This is what motivated me to practice more and certainly helps to success. Once again, thanks to Tyrone!


Sebastian Kutter via Facebook

"If you want some awesome golf lessons, whether

beginner or advanced...then check out

TPR Golf Academy


27.04.2016 11:23

Greg Solomon

Back for a major tune-up at TPR

Clear instruction made easier with Trackman and one-on-one feedback. Time well spent.


22.03.2016 19:53

Bernadette Schöni

Golf Is My New World

At my first lesson with Tyrone, I immediately could feel that he is the right pro to teach me golf. Tyrone sees and recognizes very quickly the weaknesses and can help to progress with his sympathetic and professional manner. Through him I am now infected by the virus golf and a new world has opened up to me. A big thanks to Tyrone and his patience. It's nice to know him!02.03.2016 09:37


Angelien Roovers

Nice to see Tyrone

The trackpad lessen with Tyron gave me exactly answers on my Questions The only thing is now i have to practice it myself. I know what to do Thanks Tyrone


01.03.2016 18:41

Frank Nazari

FullSwing ShortGame & Bunker

Got a very good private lesson from the Boss Tyrone is an excellent multi language speaking golf pro His advice helped me a lot in the past and will in the future Lesson was on Siam Waterside practice area - excellent facility Frank


13.02.2016 06:23

Jim Simpkins

Golf lesson

Tyrone is very knowledgeable and a good teacher. I may not get to be Tiger Woods but I will be able to out of the bunker.


31.01.2016 11:49

Joseph Patrick Amlin


Excellent lessons for both myself and my wife. 6-days of 2-hour sessions. Exactly what I was hoping for. Customized training to improve specific aspects our golf game, not generic training. Each instruction started with Tyrone observing our skill level and then focusing on specific areas of improvement. There was an appropriate use of technology such as Trackman and video to during the training. I also appreciated Tyrone was able to speak Thai for my wife to have a better understanding of the swing mechanics. I can confidently recommend TPR to anyone wanting golf training lessons. Tyrone also made recommendations on equipment adjustments which he also assisted us to have this done while we were still having our lessons. I look forward to returning for future lessons at TPR's new facility at Waterside. JP Amlin 9 handicap and Sathita Amlin 18 handicap


30.01.2016 08:34

Hans-Georg Bufe


With the TPR Golf Academy and the teaching Pros you have very competent and professional golf coaches. I can highly recommend to book training lessons on the 5 star Siam Waterside training facilities with a standard only rarely seen in Thailand.


03.12.2015 16:37

Lisa St-Laurent

Helpful and professional

Thank you Tyrone, my lesson was very helpful today. I will have to work hard but with this good basic, I should improve fast.


21.11.2015 13:58

Neil Lowes


My swing has evolved leaps and bounds in since coming to TPR in a short period of time. Looking forward to continued improvement in the future.


11.11.2015 12:27

Patrick Colombo

Swing lesson

As a beginner I am ; each les son is vers efficient because the advises are becaming a real work to do. Thanks Tyrrone


09.11.2015 15:13

Gerallt Davies


Very good tuition. Tyrone has a very good way of explaining things. Far better than any previous instructors I have used.


07.11.2015 22:21

Peter Löfstrand

First lesson today!

With Grant... very good teacher and great person. I look forward to the next eight!


26.10.2015 13:15

Steve Cohen


Terrific instruction, very understanding of poor golf swing and how to correct it. I look forward to a ten lesson plan with Tyrone.


30.09.2015 09:04

Peter Renggli

Online Booking

Hi Tyrone and TPR Staff the online booking system is just a big help to make my scedule Thanks Peter


15.09.2015 09:00

Mathew Earnshaw

Golf lesson

Had the best golf lesson I have ever had in 5 years of golfing!! It was that good I had 2 lessons in the same day!! 10/10 Tyrone


Sergio Poggi, Italy

via e-mail

Hello Tyrone

I arrived in Italy all ok! Now I'm working hard, and life here is very different I'm not complaining but certainly was a different life in thailand! . tomorrow I leave for Cuba, I'm going to record an album of Salsa and Merengue with Cuban musicians, is always a nice experience. I will return home later this month!

I just wanted to thank you for your courtesy availability and for the valuable lessons!
Say hello to your dad so much, and you can tell him that I spent some wonderful days with him and his friends will never forget!
Please salutes all friends of the academy and the ladies in the bar were all very courteous to me, especially the lady who gave me the balls! A big kiss!!
I hope to see you all as soon as possible and I wish you a life full of satisfaction with your academy and as you can realize all your dreams!
A sincere hug.


Annop Namprasert, Thailand

via Line
After I stopped to play golf for more than 6 years, I missed the game more then ever.
The TPR Golf Academy have helped me starting again and now I enjoy my golf more then ever!

Kop Kun Kha

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