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Teaching in English, German and Thai

is Swiss and the founder and head coach of the  TPRGOLFACADEMY​
At the age of  7 he first time swung a golf club & since then he has been in love with this amazing game.

Tyrone has been in  Thailand for the last 10 years and is fluent in Thai, English, German and Swiss German.
Now runnig TPR Golf Academy for 5 successful years - TPR has made quite a name for itself in the Eastern Seaboard and the golfing world of Thailand.

Thai's and Farangs (Foreigner's) enjoy the good, loose atmosphere when he is teaching them how to improve their skills.

Tyrone knows how to use and explain his knowledge of the golf swing and all the technical aspects to his students, in a very simple and enjoyable way.

Believe in yourself! - then...Most balls are playable.
& 90% in golf are decided in between 15 cm...   

... between your ears

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