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Copying Down


  • How do I book online?
    Simply press on the orange square button on our website. It will then guide your through your booking step by step.
  • How can I see if my booking is confirmed?
    For each successful booking you will receive a confirmation email in your supplied personal email. (please also check your spam folder)
  • Help! I completed my booking yet I did not receive an email confirmation BUT the time I choose is gone in the booking system?
    Please close our website and start it up a new. Then go through your booking again. Internet seems to have hung up on you and now the slot should be available to you again.
  • I am not a good player how do I know if all this technology is helpful for my level?
    Our technology is designed to visualize your areas of improvement very clearly and simplifies your learning experience & process.
  • My child wants to play golf, yet I am not sure at what age we should start?"
    In our experience we have found that 6 – 7 years old is a good age to start yet there are exceptions to the rule. The best judges are you as parents. Is your child able to listen to instructions given and follows accordingly?
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