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Golfers & Friends!


Visit us at:

SIAM Country club " OLD COURSE"


with top coaches & state of the art equipment

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CONTACT by phone:

English / Thai:

PAT:      + 66 88 007 01 56

DEAR:   + 66 64 068 93 98


TYRONE: +66 86 506 08 83

English, Thai, German

PHIL:     +66 93 317 53 93


JAMIE:   +66 94 654 70 55

English / Thai

OSCAR:  +66 98 915 85 54

English / Thai


Customer reviews

We always like to hear from you how you liked our servies so make sure to let us know you thoughts after your first visit.

Just like this:


February 14.  2019 



Mr.Jamie a very cool coach and give me 1 hr short game lessons 

Fantastic easy and simple to play chipping pitching putt in only 1 hour

Good fully decorated place and excellent equipment to scan your swing liked hospital x-ray

Do not hesitate to apply for golf course here








Is not just another slogan,


it means REDEFINING GOLF COACHING.          

just call +66 86 50 60 883

We have a formula for success, checking on your momentary golfing situation and your goals, then we evaluate how we will achieve them.

On your first visit, we will take our time especially for you.  

In the first lesson will go through a swing and body assessment. For the swing mechanics, we will use our Trackman Pro Golf Launch Monitor to show you where we need the main improvement.


As you can see, it is “Another Learning” and not just another slogan.

We are looking forward to meeting you at TPR Golf Academy and together let's shave off those shots on your scorecard!  





Tyrone Renggli
Head of Instruction & CEO
TPR Golf Academy






TrackMan 4





"Think about it this way; you now have

two independent radar systems built

into one TrackMan unit.”

Fredrik Tuxen, CTO and Co-Founder

One radar system tracks everything the

club does before, during, and after

impact - from commonly known

parameters like Club Path and Face Angle

to Swing Direction and Spin Loft.

The other radar system tracks the full

ball flight - from launch to landing and

everything in between; including Launch Angle, Spin Rate and curvature.

TrackMan 4's Dual Radar Technology is a significant milestone in the evolution of golf instruction, coaching,


BodiTrak Vector Tour


"A thin, portable system for capturing center

balance during a golf swing."Captures a golfers

balance pattern Indoors, Outdoors, Uphill,

Downhill, On the putting green and In the sand

trap. It's flexible, roll up design makes it very

easy to setup, use and move to the next hole

or golf course. BodiTrak balance systems have

been used for nearly a decade in rehabilitation

medicine research.





AimPoint Express 


Aimpoint Express is AWESOME!

This stuff flat out WORKS! I mean, that goes

without saying, as there are numerous Tour

players using it, but I couldn't get over how

simple and easy it was! After about 30 minutes

of "cheating" with the clinometer on my phone,

I was starting to get a feel for the different

slopes in my feet.  I spent probably 2 hours

practicing putts of all lengths and slopes and

couldn't believe how many putts I made!

I would set up tee


We are teaching AimPoint Express in private

session and classes.







we teach with

SAM PuttLab

Annika uses it and we do too!


Putt training in a new dimension


43 % of the golf shots are putts, however,

putting is rarely trained systematically. 

Neuroscience tell us that efficient learning is all

about accurate feedback. SAM PuttLab offers

the most efficient technology to train for

ascertainable success.

Testimonials of many Instructors and PGA

Tour Pros attest the unique abilities of

SAM PuttLab






PAT our good Soul

she will provide you with all the information and help you need or want about our Academy in English and as well in Thai             

call her  by phone: + 66 88 007 01 56 or via our Contact form or:

Headcoach and owner of:   TPR GOLF ACADEMY

We teach with:

We are looking forward to seeing you soon

We train world champions, tour winners, and YOU.

Explore what we offer

NEW Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday 8 am - 7 pm

Monday closed

Our Clinics
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